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Sabot Foundation

Military Green

Invisible Bully is proud to support our Veterans.

Founded by Hammond Meredith and Jon Krashna, Sabot Foundation is an organization created with one goal in mind: to support combat veterans and their transition to civilian life. The trauma that PTSD, CTE, TBI and other conditions imposed on veterans, after harrowing days and multiple deployments of in support of operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and formerly Vietnam, can often only be understood by those who have experienced it. Sabot reaches out to those who need support and help and provides opportunities to improve their quality of life in transitioning or sustaining a balance in civilian life.  Sabot Foundation, a 501(c)(3) Charitable Trust, is dedicated to supporting veterans by inspiring life-long connections, participation in wholesome activities, fostering and utilizing holistic platforms to combat the effects of PTSD, CTE TBI, educating the public on the effects of these conditions,  and promoting camaraderie.

This butter-soft tee includes the Invisible Bully and Sabot Foundation logos and comes in two colors, Military Green and Black. 

Find out more about Sabot Foundation at  www.sabotgroup.com

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